Monday, 13 July 2009


okay so lately i have been meaning to try and find a self tanning product that doesnt make you go orange, streaky or patchy. well that completely failed because i'm too poor to buy expensive ones that actually work. so im afraid to say i have started going on tanning beds :/ i know i know, they are so bad for you but i'm so pale and it's the easiest and quickest way to get a tan these days. so anyway i thought i would share my experience of Derby tanning studios with you all :)

first off the women behind the counter was lovely! which for a beauty salon/tanning studio is rather strange. no offence to anybody who works in a beauty salon of any kind, just it is really rare for the girls in those places to not be stuck up. from my own experience anyhow. the salon i used to work in well the girls were lovely to me but as soon as a customer came in they were suddenly better than everyone.

the women explained to Pete how to use the tanning beds as they arnt actually beds they are the stand up booths (and yes, Pete is my boyfriend... he is also pale and wants a tan) is the un common for a bloke to use tanning beds?

as walking into the little room with the booth inside, the women gave us a little basket which had all of the following; cleansing wipes, moisturing body lotion, womens deodrant, mens deodrant and a little packet of tissues. i don't know if anyone gets given the same in thier tanning studios but i know from Sublime (the salon i worked in) that we never got this. i thought it was a nice little touch to be honest because your skin does get really dry after being in there for a few mins.

we both only had 3mins because we was starting out but hopefully will be able to do more in a few weeks after getting used to it

because we both started toigether it cost £20 for the both of us, so basically £10 each and with that we got a bottle of pro tanning lotion for only £4 so we grabbed that bargin! the £20 gave us both 30mins each on the tanning beds and the first session we had was free :) is this expensive or cheap? from only ever using one studio in the past i'm not really sure.

this is the bottle of pro tan;

this stuff smells gorgeous! also makes your skin lovely and soft. also i think the packaging is kinda eye catching. an all round good product and an all round good tanning experience :)

on another subject all together, how are you all? :) xo

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