Wednesday, 8 July 2009

a night in for toes

okay so,

this is my first proper blog post

bare with me on it as i'm still getting used to whats what :)


i brought this a few weeks ago and i adore everything in this little kit
for those of you who haven't seen it,
it's £10 for a cute little box filled with treats for your feet

all you need is;
a bowel of warm water

(or if your fancy a proper foot spa)

your box from lush

and obviously your pinkies


first you use your Volcano foot mask
completely smother the soles of your feet with this
it does say just your soles but i cover my all my feet with this stuff

making sure you have covered all the dry bits, wrap them in plastic
i use plastic bags
mainly because i cant sit an relax for too long before having to get up and do something
(i need to learn how to relax, haha)
tie the plastic up
and leave on for 10minutes

after 10 minutes of pure bliss
rinse off the foot mask and dry your feet


these are ballistics
you literally just pop one in your tub of water and let it fizz around
these sooth and deodrize
as you can see by the picture i have broken them up
i use 1/3 of one of these instead of a whole one simply to make them last longer


these remove any hard skin on your feet
and i have to say, they are the nicest smelling thing in that shop!
peppermint and cocoa butter
the peppermint refreshes while the cocoa butter softens and smooths
just rub these in circular motions on dry patches


you do have a choice with step 4
there is pied de pepper scent which will warm and invigorate
it smells just like cinnamon
or there is fair trade foot lotion which will cool and refresh
which smells like peppermint and spearmint
i chose pied de pepper as i like this one just before bed
i normally use the other in the day
you basically just slather it all over you feet to make them super soft


finally you finish with lemony flutter cuticle butter
i start with applying this to my toes

and then all over my heels and extra dry bits

and this is basically what you get for £10

which i think is fabulous for a feet treat



  1. hi :) welcome to the world of beauty blogging :)! thanks so much for following me and checking out my blog :) I looove lush! I haven;t tried that foot thing but I could sure use it lol my feet feels like sand paper :(

  2. this litle box is so cute. my feet need a treat so im so getting this. really good post, thanks. take care xo

  3. Hey this set looks awesome! all that for 10 squid! im definitely on my way over asap! great blog btw :D

  4. btw... you get two of the green scrubby bars but i have already used one and you do get 2 whole feet shaped ballistics aswel :)<3 thanks for reading girls, keep following xo