Monday, 6 July 2009

Nice To Meet You :)xo


perhaps starting with my name would be a good idea?
i'm Chloe :)
i have recently moved to Derby to be closer to my boyfriend.
i say closer... we have moved in together, haha :)<3
i previously lived in Peterborough near Cambridge if youre not sure where abouts that is?
hated it! simples.
i have basically started my own blog because Cat, (my new friend in Derby) is constantly harping on about how much fun she has posting little things everyday, making new friends and sharing tips and tricks with you all.
i did read a few blogs that she follows herself and i have to say i did learn some new things! from how to apply make-up, finding colours that suit you most, bargin clothing and much much more so i couldn't resist setting one up myself :)
i don't know a huge amount about the latest trends and i'm never the first to know about the latest hot gossip but i do know a fair bit about hair, make-up, tanning and general beauty therepy.
i went to college for a year to study hair but unfortunatly it does get rather boring day in day out, so i then went on to work in a beauty salon in Cambridgeshire and i absolutly loved it! not just for the free st tropez spray tans and the wax treatments but for just being around other girls with the same intrest as me... BEAUTY :)

i look forward to making some new friends and sharing tips and random other bits with you all
for now, meow =^_^=


  1. Welcome to the dubiously self indulgent world of blogging :-)

  2. haha Rob you crack me up :D

  3. "i say closer... we have moved in together"
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. :) I can't wait to read some of your beauty stuff etc.

  4. welcome to blogger! thanks for commenting my blog :) I look forward to reading some of your future stuff xx