Friday, 10 July 2009



mmmm, this stuff! i cannot get enough. i have only ever found one exfoliator that is perfect for my skin. i find most products too harsh and end up making my face really really dry but a sample of the chanel precision exfoliant about a year ago and my skin felt gorgeous! when living at home with my parents i could afford to buy a bottle of this once a month but unfortunatly now moved in with my boyfriend i am officially skint! i was a little cheeky the other week and popped into boots to grab another sample as i love it :D i would recommend this to girls with some spare dosh and a want for beautiful skin!

so yeah
i need some advice ladies
exfoliants that wont break my bank,
harsh enough to actually work,
but soft enough to not scratch my skin?


oh and also just to add;
get on that page now :)
great blogs and great giveaways!


  1. Simple do a gentle one.

    I like the St Ives scrubs. They aren't super soft feeling, but they never irritate my skin and they exfoliate reeally well.


  2. i have purchased some of the body products from st ives before and i loved it so i will have to go and try thier face products :) thanks for the comment and advice chick xo

  3. Thanks for the comment! Is that profile picture you!?!?!?! I LOVE your hair!!!