Wednesday, 19 August 2009

sorry girls

i know i havent been on here much but life has been pretty stressful lately so bare with me and i'll be back blogging before you know it :) thanks girls xo

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

pussy juice

yes you did hear me right. pussy juice!
on mine and Jodies adventure to the shop this morning we found this little beauty, and we HAD to buy it. obviously because of the name and the face the can is really pretty. its actually dead nice aswel! energy drinks save my life. has anyone else tried this or seen it?

Monday, 13 July 2009


okay so lately i have been meaning to try and find a self tanning product that doesnt make you go orange, streaky or patchy. well that completely failed because i'm too poor to buy expensive ones that actually work. so im afraid to say i have started going on tanning beds :/ i know i know, they are so bad for you but i'm so pale and it's the easiest and quickest way to get a tan these days. so anyway i thought i would share my experience of Derby tanning studios with you all :)

first off the women behind the counter was lovely! which for a beauty salon/tanning studio is rather strange. no offence to anybody who works in a beauty salon of any kind, just it is really rare for the girls in those places to not be stuck up. from my own experience anyhow. the salon i used to work in well the girls were lovely to me but as soon as a customer came in they were suddenly better than everyone.

the women explained to Pete how to use the tanning beds as they arnt actually beds they are the stand up booths (and yes, Pete is my boyfriend... he is also pale and wants a tan) is the un common for a bloke to use tanning beds?

as walking into the little room with the booth inside, the women gave us a little basket which had all of the following; cleansing wipes, moisturing body lotion, womens deodrant, mens deodrant and a little packet of tissues. i don't know if anyone gets given the same in thier tanning studios but i know from Sublime (the salon i worked in) that we never got this. i thought it was a nice little touch to be honest because your skin does get really dry after being in there for a few mins.

we both only had 3mins because we was starting out but hopefully will be able to do more in a few weeks after getting used to it

because we both started toigether it cost £20 for the both of us, so basically £10 each and with that we got a bottle of pro tanning lotion for only £4 so we grabbed that bargin! the £20 gave us both 30mins each on the tanning beds and the first session we had was free :) is this expensive or cheap? from only ever using one studio in the past i'm not really sure.

this is the bottle of pro tan;

this stuff smells gorgeous! also makes your skin lovely and soft. also i think the packaging is kinda eye catching. an all round good product and an all round good tanning experience :)

on another subject all together, how are you all? :) xo

Friday, 10 July 2009



mmmm, this stuff! i cannot get enough. i have only ever found one exfoliator that is perfect for my skin. i find most products too harsh and end up making my face really really dry but a sample of the chanel precision exfoliant about a year ago and my skin felt gorgeous! when living at home with my parents i could afford to buy a bottle of this once a month but unfortunatly now moved in with my boyfriend i am officially skint! i was a little cheeky the other week and popped into boots to grab another sample as i love it :D i would recommend this to girls with some spare dosh and a want for beautiful skin!

so yeah
i need some advice ladies
exfoliants that wont break my bank,
harsh enough to actually work,
but soft enough to not scratch my skin?


oh and also just to add;
get on that page now :)
great blogs and great giveaways!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

St Moriz?!

where the hell do i get this cheapo bargin from?!
i want to see what all the fuss is about

someone help :)<3

and also... 'LilyLovesLola' is giving a bottle of this away in her contest!
follow her and get entered girls!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

a night in for toes

okay so,

this is my first proper blog post

bare with me on it as i'm still getting used to whats what :)


i brought this a few weeks ago and i adore everything in this little kit
for those of you who haven't seen it,
it's £10 for a cute little box filled with treats for your feet

all you need is;
a bowel of warm water

(or if your fancy a proper foot spa)

your box from lush

and obviously your pinkies


first you use your Volcano foot mask
completely smother the soles of your feet with this
it does say just your soles but i cover my all my feet with this stuff

making sure you have covered all the dry bits, wrap them in plastic
i use plastic bags
mainly because i cant sit an relax for too long before having to get up and do something
(i need to learn how to relax, haha)
tie the plastic up
and leave on for 10minutes

after 10 minutes of pure bliss
rinse off the foot mask and dry your feet


these are ballistics
you literally just pop one in your tub of water and let it fizz around
these sooth and deodrize
as you can see by the picture i have broken them up
i use 1/3 of one of these instead of a whole one simply to make them last longer


these remove any hard skin on your feet
and i have to say, they are the nicest smelling thing in that shop!
peppermint and cocoa butter
the peppermint refreshes while the cocoa butter softens and smooths
just rub these in circular motions on dry patches


you do have a choice with step 4
there is pied de pepper scent which will warm and invigorate
it smells just like cinnamon
or there is fair trade foot lotion which will cool and refresh
which smells like peppermint and spearmint
i chose pied de pepper as i like this one just before bed
i normally use the other in the day
you basically just slather it all over you feet to make them super soft


finally you finish with lemony flutter cuticle butter
i start with applying this to my toes

and then all over my heels and extra dry bits

and this is basically what you get for £10

which i think is fabulous for a feet treat


Monday, 6 July 2009

Nice To Meet You :)xo


perhaps starting with my name would be a good idea?
i'm Chloe :)
i have recently moved to Derby to be closer to my boyfriend.
i say closer... we have moved in together, haha :)<3
i previously lived in Peterborough near Cambridge if youre not sure where abouts that is?
hated it! simples.
i have basically started my own blog because Cat, (my new friend in Derby) is constantly harping on about how much fun she has posting little things everyday, making new friends and sharing tips and tricks with you all.
i did read a few blogs that she follows herself and i have to say i did learn some new things! from how to apply make-up, finding colours that suit you most, bargin clothing and much much more so i couldn't resist setting one up myself :)
i don't know a huge amount about the latest trends and i'm never the first to know about the latest hot gossip but i do know a fair bit about hair, make-up, tanning and general beauty therepy.
i went to college for a year to study hair but unfortunatly it does get rather boring day in day out, so i then went on to work in a beauty salon in Cambridgeshire and i absolutly loved it! not just for the free st tropez spray tans and the wax treatments but for just being around other girls with the same intrest as me... BEAUTY :)

i look forward to making some new friends and sharing tips and random other bits with you all
for now, meow =^_^=